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HDPE MicroDucts

Dura-Line MicroDucts are the best way to utilize that empty space, both today and tomorrow. It allows you to expand your fiber network as you bring on new customers. It enables you to increase bandwidth as your needs increase. Dura-Line MicroDucts are manufactured from 100% virgin grade PE in 2 layer construction with inner layer being SILICORE® super slick permanent lining. MicroTechnology saves you time and money, allowing for economical growth within your communications network. The SILICORE super slick permanent lining remains for future repairs, replacements or upgrades.
  • MicroDucts size range generally from 5mm O.D. to 18 mm O.D.
  • Options of smooth or ribbed inner surface
  • Utilize space in an occupied duct
  • Revitalize existing networks with Over-Rides
  • Substantially reduce construction costs and deployment time
  • UV stabilized Black colour MicroDucts for exposed installations 
  • Customizable product: Colour, Stripes, Marking, inner surface, material, application etc

Innovative IBS (In-Building Solutions) Through CIC MicroDucts

CIC MicroDucts are pre-installed with cable during manufacturing.

  • SILICORE® lining (Riser and Plenum rated )
  • LSHZ per IEC standards and Riser as per UL standards
  • Supply length customized
  • Ideal for MDU and FTTx applications Inside Buildings
  • CIC MicroDucts sizes ranging from 5/3.5mm to 16/12mm
  • MicroDucts can also be offered with pre-installed pull-string in coils for quick cable pulling at site
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